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Our Mission is to provide experienced and professional nannies for the parents who want to raise their children bilingual to give them a head start in life.

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"We are very grateful that Babushka Childcare found an amazing nanny for our 20 months old son. Our boy is happy and well taken care of, which made it much easier for me to go back to work full time and for both my husband and I to adjust to the new life routine."

Family from St.Albans


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Job summary

London, United Kingdom, Europe
Career Level:
2+ years of experience
Job type:
Full time
£500 per week

Russian-speaking Live-in Mother Help/Housekeeper is required outside London

About this job

Russian-speaking Live-in Mother Help/Housekeeper is required outside London to look after two children B 5 and 7 years old.

The family is a lovely English-Russian speaking professional family

The candidate must have a driver to bring children to school and after school activities.

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All duties related to Monty and Percy. This means:

  1. Keeping both boys in their strict routines (bed by 7:15 and up at 7:00) (more flex on holidays).

  2. Providing care with bathing, dressing, brushing teeth and other hygiene.

  3. Ensuring the boys’ food requirements are taken care of (keep the larder stocked with all the food they need) and cooking high quality, fresh meals for them.

  4. Teaching Russian to both boys. The primary source of Russian (spoken, reading, writing and culture) is the nanny. Both boys attend Russian school in Oxford each Sunday. They have significant homework and learning to follow up on this. The work is shaped by the school, with the nanny needing to spend time with each of them (independently) to work with them to do homework.

  5. Ensuring that Monty and Percy have social time and that they continue to experience further development through a broad mix of experiences - reading, singing, play, music, playdates with other children, visits to the park, the zoo etc

  6. Driving to school is shared with the parents. Clearly, when the parents are away the nanny takes and picks up from school. When the parents are home, then they will often take the boys to school and pick them up.



  1. Shopping for the family – sometimes

  2. Cooking light meals - sometimes


  1. Washing, ironing and organising clothes and belongings and putting them away

  2. Cleaning, making sure rooms are clean and tidy



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